Who’s Who at APRG

The majority of our team of Paranormal Investigators have been doing investigations for over 10 years.  Some members of our team have done investigations for over 15 years.  We also work with local paranormal groups and support their investigations or utilize some of their expert investigators in our investigations as well.  We do occasionally have trainees working with us.  Each trainee is trained by our EXCLUSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM techniques.  Our trainee program is a 12 month process.  It begins with a 2 month intense training program followed by a 10 month internship which requires that each investigator does at least 2 investigations per month.  They earn credits for each successful investigation leading towards a full fellowship as a APRG PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR.

We require that our investigators keep current and do a minimum of 10 investigations per year.  We also require that each investigator stay current in the field.  Each investigator is trained with our exclusive training method of doing investigations.  All our investigators work in teams.

If you are interested in becoming an investigator with us - we do have a CODE OF ETHICS that is required to be signed and adhered too.  Please use the contact page and ask us for details.

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